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How To Wash Mattress Toppers

How To Wash Mattress Toppers. The use of a washing machine should not encourage frequent washing as the quality of the mattress topper will reduce drastically. It is up to you when it comes to using liquid or regular washing detergent.

How to Wash a Down Mattress Topper? Memory Foam Talk from

Wash using a mild liquid laundry detergent. But this vital household chore is often overlooked. Spray the mattress topper softly all over, or work in parts if possible.

If You Are Doing The Task Outdoors, Place The Mattress On A Clean Tarp Near A Water Supply.

Once unrolled, the topper begins expanding and off gassing. Unpack the mattress topper from its packaging. Measure a small amount of gentle laundry soap and pour it into the washing machine.

But This Vital Household Chore Is Often Overlooked.

You can use two methods to hand wash a foam mattress topper: Place the mattress topper in a large washing machine. If you are doing the task indoors, place the mattress in the bathtub.

In This Article, We’ll Explain The Washing Instructions On How To Properly Clean Your.

The answer depends on the material of your topper. What temperature should you wash a mattress topper? Depending on the manufacturer’s indications, you can machine wash or hand wash the topper.

Spray The Solution On The Mattress And Dab It With A Sponge Instead Of Rubbing It In.

Even if you don’t have any stains on your memory foam mattress topper, you can still use laundry detergent to deodorize and clean your mattress after vacuuming. Mix one part detergent with two parts warm water in a spray bottle. You might use a tiny brush to scrub particularly filthy spots before blotting them dry gently.

As Toppers Are Typically Exposed Sheets Of Material, Cleaning Them Using A Standard Washing Machine Setup Is Not Advised.

Use a circular motion so you can gently clean dust particles and grime on your topper. When you finish one side, flip it and continue cleaning the other side with your vacuum. Check to see if any liquid soaked through to the mattress itself (if so, blot dry and spread baking soda on the mattress, then follow the steps outlined in our mattress cleaning guide ).

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